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Common Construction Injuries and Legal Remedies

by Jun 15, 2021Construction Accidents, Dea Cortney, Mike Miller, Personal Injury

Construction employees are responsible for building our futures: new roads and bridges, homes, commercial buildings, and other necessary components of our infrastructure. This industry is vital to the development and economic growth. Sadly, construction is also one of the most dangerous industries in the United States, credited with around 20% of fatal job site accidents each year (OSHA).

The nature of construction means there are many ways for employees to be injured or killed at work. There are potential threats everywhere on a construction job site, and general contractors and other subcontractors don’t always do their part to keep others safe from these threats. Extreme accidents, such as falls and building collapses, are no more likely to cause injury than heat exhaustion and repetitive injuries.

If you’ve recently received one of the following common construction injuries due to the carelessness of a general contractor, other subcontractor, or equipment manufacturer, Minnesota law may allow you to hold that party responsible for your accident-related expenses.


Construction workers often work on ladders, scaffolding, and cranes and in tall, unfinished buildings. Unfortunately, this greatly increases the risk of a construction employee being injured in a fall. In fact, falls on worksites are common; According to The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, falls account for one-third of construction-related deaths. These are often preventable injuries and deaths which occurred due to negligence on the part of the general contractor or another subcontractor, so Minnesota construction site injury attorneys frequently consult on construction fall cases.

Equipment and Vehicle Malfunctions

Minnesota construction accident attorneys see a wide array of equipment and vehicle malfunctions among construction workers. From construction vehicle rollovers to crane accidents to accidental amputations, the potential for injury around heavy machinery is high. Common injuries include crushed limbs, broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and neck and back injuries. This category of the accident is broad due to the wide variety of potential machinery being used on any given job site.

Building Collapses

Maybe your job required you to work in a structurally unstable building. Or, you had a scheduled demolition, but something went wrong and you ended up injured. Building collapses are not to be taken lightly. Being trapped under rubble or inhaling harmful particles after a building collapse can permanently alter your life and your health.

Sadly, building collapses are often fatal. If your family member was killed at work during a building collapse, consider speaking with our Minnesota personal injury lawyers about a potential wrongful death case.

Obtaining Compensation for Your Injuries

Many employees believe workers’ compensation will pay all their bills and solve all their financial woes if they’re injured on the construction site. This is not always the case. Workers comp isn’t always offered to employees, or it may not be adequate to cover all of your expenses. And, if you are a subcontractor, a settlement or personal injury lawsuit may be the only way for you to hold a negligible general contractor or another subcontractor responsible for your pain and suffering.

There may be legal recourse available if you or a family member has been injured or killed in a construction accident such as a fall or equipment failure. Our Minnesota construction site accident lawyers are professionals working with insurance companies to obtain fair compensation for our clients. We’ll explain the system to you so that you understand the options and then pursue a course that best fits your needs. We know and work with the relevant laws covering construction injuries to create a favorable outcome in your case.

Schedule a consultation with our Minnesota personal injury attorneys for more information. 

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