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A Primer on Minnesota’s No-Fault Act

by Dec 3, 2015Mike Miller, Personal Injury

Posted: December 3, 2015

You are in pain, confused, and in shock. One moment you are driving to wrap up some holiday shopping, then the next you are surrounded by law enforcement and medical personnel. Accidents happen. That is why the state legislature created a system to help people get the medical attention they need regardless who was at fault in an accident.

In this Sieben Edmunds PLLC Personal Injury Blog post we will discuss the benefits that are available to Minnesotans who are involved in auto accidents.

What benefits are available if I am in an auto accident?

When you are involved in an accident that involves a vehicle, you are entitled to certain protections under Minnesota’s No-Fault Automobile Insurance Act. Insurers in this state are required to provide economic benefits to accident victims regardless of who was at fault. According to Minn. Stat. § 65B.46, coverage is available to anyone who is injured in an accident involving a motor vehicle or who is struck as a pedestrian by a motorcycle. This law provides you with the following benefits:

  • Up to $20,000 in medical expenses and mileage incurred in traveling to receive covered medical expense benefits
  • Up to $20,000 in income loss, replacement services, funeral expenses, and survivor’s benefits

Restrictions are associated with each of these categories. For example, income loss is limited to 85% of an injured person’s loss of present and future gross income with a maximum of $500 per week.

Retaining an experienced attorney from Sieben Edmunds PLLC will ensure that you obtain all the available benefits afforded to you by the no-fault law. More importantly, you are able to tend to your injuries while we sort out paperwork and issues of liability. A separate claim to establish liability is often necessary after a thorough investigation of the accident and injuries.

Let us ensure that the insurance company is treating you fairly so that you can focus on healing. Contact the personal injury attorney Eagan, Minnesota at Sieben Edmunds PLLC at 651-994-6744 for more information.

Stay tuned for our next installment in the Sieben Edmunds PLLC Personal Injury Blog.

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