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4 Benefits of Hiring a Wrongful Death Attorney

by Mar 2, 2021Mike Miller, Personal Injury, Wrongful Death

A Minnesota wrongful death case can be difficult to navigate without the right allies. Many wrongful death cases will ultimately be against an insurance company, hospital, or another large organization with countless resources and an expansive legal team. That’s why many family members who have lost a loved one due to a wrongful death choose to hire a Minnesota wrongful death lawyer who has helpful knowledge of the legal system.

Here are four benefits of working with a wrongful death attorney in Minnesota instead of trying to negotiate with the insurance companies on your own.

We Offer Moral Support

You’re in mourning, and that can’t be ignored. Unfortunately, many insurance companies and representatives you speak with during your wrongful death case will be “all business,” which can make it feel like no one is there for you during such a difficult time in your life.

Wrongful death attorneys in Minnesota aren’t just here to offer legal advice. We want to be sure you know someone is thinking of you and your family as you mourn the death of your loved one. We strive to treat your family with the utmost respect and compassion while we help you navigate your case.

We Value Your Wrongful Death Claim

Insurance companies have a lot to lose in a wrongful death case, so they’ll often offer a quick settlement to avoid a court case. These settlements rarely address the actual value of your claim; they tend to make the family feel pressure to accept the claim and “move on” since the insurance companies know this will save them money.

When you promptly retain a Minnesota wrongful death lawyer, you’ll know the true value of your claim. We’ll help you negotiate a fair settlement or take your case to court if the defendants simply won’t budge.

We Explain Applicable Wrongful Death Laws

You’ve likely never participated in a wrongful death case, so you may not know much about how they work. Experienced attorneys who have been through Minnesota wrongful death cases know what to expect. A personal injury lawyer can help explain applicable laws, necessary legal steps to take, and how the process of a wrongful death claim works.

We Represent You in Court (If Necessary)

Many Minnesota personal injury attorneys for wrongful death will encourage you to take a settlement instead of going through a trial. Some have the best intentions and just want to quickly secure your compensation, while others are more concerned about getting their own paycheck quickly. This isn’t the case with our attorneys. We want the best for your family, and we’re prepared to represent you in court if that’s what it takes to remove some of your financial burden as you mourn your loved one’s death.

Work with Sieben Edmunds Miller’s wrongful death attorneys to obtain compensation for your deceased family member’s medical bills, lost wages, and final expenses. For a free consultation with our knowledgeable and empathetic personal injury attorneys, contact us by calling (651) 994-6744 or visiting our website.

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