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3 Things To Ask Your Attorney Before Working With Them

by Nov 9, 2011Minnesota Attorney, Sam Edmunds

If you’re faced with a legal challenge, now’s not the time to be hasty when it comes to your representation. Don’t just trust the ads; take the time to actually speak with a potential attorney. It may be one of the most important interviews you ever conduct. After all, it’s your case and your life.

Here are 3 types of questions you should be asking a potential attorney:

1) “What are your credentials?”
This means much more than a diploma on the wall: does the attorney specialize in your area of need? Have they taken on cases similar to yours before?

2) “What is your style?”
Does the attorney make a goal of reaching a settlement, or will he/she take an aggressive, fight-to-the-end approach?

3) “What can I expect?”
How should you expect to stay in contact with one another throughout the process? How often do you need to meet? As a client, will you work with the attorney you’re interviewing, or might you end up working with other members of his/her practice?

Attorneys are as varied as the clients they serve. You’re an individual, and you deserve to work with someone who will fit your needs and help you maximize the possibility of a positive outcome.

That means that an attorney shouldn’t be the only one asking questions.

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