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Top 3 Myths About DWIs in Minnesota

by Aug 24, 2020Criminal Defense Attorney, DWI / DUI

3 Common Myths about Minnesota DWIs

If you or a loved one has recently been arrested or charged with a DWI, a million questions are probably running through your head.Will I get thrown in jail? How long will I lose my license? Will I get kicked off my insurance?How much is this going to cost me? Will I need one of those breathalyzers (ignition interlock) in my car? What about whiskey plates?

These and other questions might keep you up at night. The good news is that the answers are a phone call away. The experienced criminal defense and DWI/DUI attorneys at Sieben Edmunds Miller can help. Don’t let stress of the unknown make an already difficult situation worse. We have helped many people who have been where you are. We can quickly get you answers and relieve some of the stress. For now, we want to address three misconceptions about DWIs. This article won’t answer all your questions, but we want to address the 3 biggest myths about DWI’s that you may have encountered.

So long as you’re not over 0.08 you cannot get a DWI.


We have all seen that “light weight” that stumbles or slurs their words after one beer or one glass of wine. That same person likely isn’t even close to .08, but in Minnesota they could still get a DWI. DWI is short for driving while impaired.If you consume any substance that impairs your ability to operate a motor vehicle, it is against the law to drive. Simply “blowing” under .08 does not mean you are free and clear. The police will often use their observations of a driver as evidence of impairment. This means that slurred words, stumbling, or failed field sobriety tests can be used to get a conviction for DWI.

A DWI will cost me $10,000.


Just because you are accused of a DWI does not mean that you will be convicted. If you are not convicted of a DWI there will be substantial savings. If you were falsely accused, or if the police did something wrong in your arrest, a good DWI attorney can help. Even if you ultimately are convicted or if you take a plea bargain, having someone on your side can help you avoid unnecessary costs related to the DWI. Every case is different; there is no magical $10,000 cost. A second, or third, DWI is more expensive then a first time DWI, but with that said, even a first time DWI can be expensive. Outside of attorney fees, there could be fines, license fees, interlock fees, and increased insurance costs. Is a DWI expensive? The short answer is yes, but no case is the same.

A lawyer can’t help.


As discussed above, an experienced criminal defense attorney can help you beat a DWI. It doesn’t happen in every case or even most, but it can happen. Even those cases where there is no way to beat the charges, a lawyer is still an invaluable asset. Lawyers know what deals are good. They know what the appropriate sentence should be, and they can use that knowledge to help make sure that you do not get more than you deserve.

Having someone at your side to guide you through the often-complex process is a valuable asset. The stress and unknowns associated with a DWI charge can be overwhelming. Having a knowledgeable and experienced attorney by your side is a must. Contact our Minnesota DWI law firm today.

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