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What Qualifies as a Misdemeanor in Minnesota?

Minnesota classifies a misdemeanor as a crime in which you could be punished by up to 90 days in jail, a $1,000.00 fine, or both. There are a number of different offenses that are considered misdemeanors under Minnesota Law. Many crimes that are misdemeanors can also be more serious gross-misdemeanor and felony crimes. Below are some of the more common misdemeanor offenses:


In Minnesota a first time DWI /DUI with no aggravating factors is a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor DWI is also known as a fourth degree DWI or DUI. If there are any aggravating factors, such as a high blood alcohol concentration, children in the vehicle, or prior DUI or DWI arrests it can be a more serious level DWI. If you have questions or concerns about your DWI / DUI charge, contact Kevin Sieben or Sam Edmunds, Eagan DUI or DWI attorney today.

Disorderly Conduct

A wide variety of circumstances fall into the definition of disorderly conduct. The consequences can often range from minor fines to up to a year in jail, not to mention a criminal record that carries consequences of its own. Work with an experienced Eagan Disorderly Conduct Lawyer on your side.

Obstructing Justice

In the state of Minnesota, obstruction of justice generally refers to the hindrance of any capacity regarding the legal process, arrest, or fire fighting efforts of the State of Minnesota. Experienced Minnesota, Eagan Obstruction of Justice Lawyers Kevin Sieben and Sam Edmunds will defend your rights against the charges.

Assault & Battery

Being charged and convicted with assault and battery can carry serious jail time and large fines. Like many other crimes, the consequences often go far beyond the courtroom with mandatory classes, counseling, or community service. The best advice and defense will come from an experienced Eagan Assault and Battery Lawyer.


If you have been charged with prostitution or sex trafficking, whether patron or prostitute, consult with a Eagan Prostitution Attorney.

Indecent Exposure

Indecent exposure can carry serious consequences including up to five years in prison and fines upwards of $10,000. Choose a Eagan Indecent Exposure Lawyer who can defend your rights. Whether your not you’ve admitted to the crime already, a good lawyer can help minimize the consequences.

Credit Card Fraud

The penalties for Credit Card Fraud depend on the type of fraud committed, the value of the property fraudulently obtained, ad the defrauder’s criminal history. The attorneys at Sieben Edmunds PLLC have years of experience practicing law.

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