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Minnesota law requires a driver convicted of a third DWI or DUI within a 10 year period, to submit to long-term monitoring so long as there is stayed jail time and a probationary period.

Stayed jail time is jail time that has been imposed, but which has been “stayed” or suspended.  Provided the person on probation adheres to the terms and conditions of their probation, they need not serve (or execute) the stayed jail time. If, however, the person violates the terms of their probation, a judge may sentence them to serve all or part of the stayed jail sentence. Nearly every Minnesota DWI or DUI sentence has a portion of the imposed jail sentence stayed for the length of their probationary term.

If you are sentenced to long-term monitoring, you will be required to participate in an electronic alcohol monitoring program for a minimum of thirty consecutive days during each year of probation.  If, for instance, you are sentenced to five years of probation, you must have an electronic alcohol monitor every year for those five years that you are on probation.  Long-term Monitoring is a requirement that is in place in addition to any jail time or fines that a court imposes as part of the sentence for your Minnesota DWI or DUI. Contact the experienced DWI Lawyers at Sieben Edmunds today for a free case evaluation.

Long term monitoring is available in a number of ways, depending on the Minnesota County and their resources.  One method is an alcohol monitoring system which requires the person to blow into a breath testing machine three (3) times a day at scheduled times. Another method is the SCRAM bracelet, which is an ankle bracelet that vibrates repeatedly throughout the day while measuring blood alcohol concentration. The SCRAM bracelet has to be brought to a probation department for downloading, usually once a week. Other methods of long term monitoring include random urinalysis and direct face to face meetings with probation officers during the period of long term monitoring each year.

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