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When you’ve been accused of a crime, there can be lifelong consequences if you are convicted. These lifelong consequences can have a serious effect on your quality of life. You need an experienced Minnesota criminal defense attorney to help you get through this tough time in your life. Minneapolis Criminal Lawyer Kevin Sieben has years of experience practicing law within the state of Minnesota. Kevin, a third generation lawyer in the Sieben family from Hastings, MN, began his practice at Appleman & Olson, majored in Political Science at St. John’s University, and graduated from William Mitchell College of Law. Even before becoming an attorney, Kevin acquired much experience within the legal system by working as both an investigator and a law clerk at Sieben, Grose, Von Holtum, and Carey, LTD. He has also been employed with the Dakota County Attorney’s office.

Kevin Sieben has dealt with different areas of the Minnesota legal system and has seen great success and understands that when you are facing criminal charges, the stakes are high. You need someone who will educate you about the process and advise you along the way. Kevin provides legal representation for DWI / DUI Violations, Controlled Substance Laws, Domestic Assault and other Assault charges, Criminal Sexual Conduct, Theft, Fraud, Homicide, and other criminal charges.

Probation and the Minnesota Court System

Whether you were convicted of DWI, careless driving, assault, drug possession, or any other offense, probation was likely a part of your sentence. In Minnesota, there are typically two types of probation, to the court and to community corrections. Generally, if the only condition of your sentence is to remain law abiding, you will be sentenced to probation to the court. In the alternative, if you have other conditions as part of your sentence, you will likely have to report to a probation officer with community corrections.

The specific conditions of your probation can be determined both by the judge when you are placed on probation and sometimes your probation officer. The conditions can be different in each case.

Some standard conditions of probation include:

  • Having no similar offenses
  • Obey all laws and orders of the court
  • Reporting on a regular basis to your PO
  • Being truthful with your probation officer
  • Reporting any arrest immediately to your PO
  • Not leave the State of Minnesota without your PO’s permission
  • Not own, possess or use a firearm (if on probation for a felony offense)

Some common offense specific conditions of probation include:

  • Attend anger management classes
  • Comply with a no contact order
  • A certain amount of jail time
  • Paying restitution
  • Remain free of drug / alcohol use
  • Random drug / alcohol screenings

If you are accused of violating a condition of probation, contact an attorney to discuss your legal rights. Facing a probation violation on your own can be difficult and lead to dangerous consequences. If you or someone you know has been accused of violating probation, it is important to speak with a skilled defense lawyer. With knowledgeable representation by your side you can receive the best possible outcome. Kevin A. Sieben knows the latest Minnesota laws and has the experience that you need to protect your rights and help you move on with your life.