Another Victory for Sieben Edmunds at the Court of Appeals

The Court of Appeals, in a published opinion, issued Sieben Edmunds its latest victory today. The issue before the Court in Johnson v. Commissioner of Public Safety was whether our client Roger Johnson filed a challenge to his license revocation in a timely manner. After hearing oral argument from Sam Edmunds in October, today the Court of Appeals overturned the district court and stated, “the evidence and findings do not support the conclusion that Johnson received a notice and order of revocation,” and therefore, the statute of limitations “was not triggered and Johnson’s Petition was not untimely.”

S|E DWI Blog #4 – DWI Defenses – A Primer

Posted: September 1, 2015 We'll continue our discussion of DWI defenses in this week's Sieben|Edmunds DWI Blog series. In our last blog post, we discussed the affirmative defense of necessity. The governor and legislature responded to Axelberg by permitting the necessity defense in an implied consent hearing. Although that was a step in the right direction, inconsistencies remain among the criminal […]