Dakota County First Degree Burglary Case Dismissed

We just received an order from the Dakota County court dismissing all charges against our client in a First Degree Burglary case. Our client was charged with aiding and abetting an alleged burglary despite the fact that he didn’t participate in the crime in any way. We challenged the case on probable cause grounds arguing that the […]

Enhanced DWI Charging

Most first time DWI offenses in Minnesota are misdemeanors. The crime is called Fourth Degree DWI. The maximum penalty for a misdemeanor Fourth Degree DWI is 90 days in local jail and a $1,000 fine, just like all misdemeanors. However, many DWI crimes are charged out as higher level offenses called gross misdemeanors or even […]

Oh No… I Have Been Drinking and I Got Pulled Over!

Kevin Sieben Law, LLC presents a PowerPoint video outlining procedures to follow when stopped for a DWI arrest. The best advice is don't drink and drive.        

Power of The Prosecutor

The death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz has lead to a public discussion of the power prosecutors have over defendants.  Swartz, famous for his role developing Reddit,a social news and entertainment website,  recently  died as a result of an apparent suicide.  Schwartz's family members have publicly criticized the  U.S. Attorney’s office  for using the power […]

Lindsay Lohan Arrested, Again!

After a night out on the town, Lindsay Lohan is once again in trouble with the law. Early this morning in New York City, Ms. Lohan was arrested on third degree assault charges after allegedly hitting a woman in a nightclub. The alleged victim did not appear to have sustained any injuries, but an accusation […]

Drug Kingpin from St. Paul Sentenced

Drug charges can have severe consequences. One case that's been in the news recently is the case of Jesus Mendoza, a drug kingpin from St. Paul, MN. According to a recent Star Tribune article, Mendoza pled guilty last summer to trafficking in numerous pounds of cocaine and marijuana.  Mr. Mendoza was sentenced Monday to 21 years in […]

What is Drug Court?

Drug Court is a special court designed to rehabilitate certain felony offenders through long-term comprehensive supervision, drug testing, treatment services and immediate sanctions and incentives.  Drug courts promote recovery through a coordinated response to participants who are dependent on alcohol or other drugs.  The goal of drug courts is to engage individuals in treatment long […]

3 Things To Ask Your Attorney Before Working With Them

If you’re faced with a legal challenge, now’s not the time to be hasty when it comes to your representation. Don’t just trust the ads; take the time to actually speak with a potential attorney. It may be one of the most important interviews you ever conduct. After all, it’s your case and your life. […]

The Real Story on “Good Behavior” and Prison Sentences

Between the television news, newspapers, and movies, you’ve certainly heard it: “The prisoner got out early on good behavior.” But what exactly does this mean? And who is eligible? “Good behavior” is the colloquial term for what the corrections system officially calls the “good conduct allowance,” or “diminution of sentence.” Good conduct allowance policies vary […]