Domestic Violence – Are We Asking the Right Question?

After the recent release of a video showing former NFL running back Ray Rice hitting Janay Palmer, his then fiancé, I feel it is an important time to have some real dialogue about domestic violence.  The Minnesota Coalition for Battered Women reports that at least 38 people were killed from domestic violence in 2013.  Of […]

Enhanced DWI Charging

Most first time DWI offenses in Minnesota are misdemeanors. The crime is called Fourth Degree DWI. The maximum penalty for a misdemeanor Fourth Degree DWI is 90 days in local jail and a $1,000 fine, just like all misdemeanors. However, many DWI crimes are charged out as higher level offenses called gross misdemeanors or even […]

DWI Vehicle Forfeitures

Today let's talk about motor vehicle forfeitures in DWI cases. Minnesota statutes allow the government to forfeit, or take title to, your vehicle if you commit particular types of DWI offenses. Minnesota Statutes Chapter 169A.63 sets out the types of offenses that qualify for vehicle forfeiture. Contrary to popular belief, your vehicle can be forfeited […]

The Difference Between DWI and DUI & Why it is Important for YOU to Know!

Do you know the difference between a DWI-DUI? Do you know what these acronyms stand for?  Is one worse than the other? Let us start first by defining these terms. First there is "DUI" which stands for “Driving Under the Influence. All that is required to be convicted of a DUI is that the Prosecutor shows that the driver was […]

Oh No… I Have Been Drinking and I Got Pulled Over!

Kevin Sieben Law, LLC presents a PowerPoint video outlining procedures to follow when stopped for a DWI arrest. The best advice is don't drink and drive.        

Power of The Prosecutor

The death of Internet activist Aaron Swartz has lead to a public discussion of the power prosecutors have over defendants.  Swartz, famous for his role developing Reddit,a social news and entertainment website,  recently  died as a result of an apparent suicide.  Schwartz's family members have publicly criticized the  U.S. Attorney’s office  for using the power […]