Dakota County First Degree Burglary Case Dismissed

We just received an order from the Dakota County court dismissing all charges against our client in a First Degree Burglary case. Our client was charged with aiding and abetting an alleged burglary despite the fact that he didn’t participate in the crime in any way. We challenged the case on probable cause grounds arguing that the […]

DWI Vehicle Forfeitures

Today let's talk about motor vehicle forfeitures in DWI cases. Minnesota statutes allow the government to forfeit, or take title to, your vehicle if you commit particular types of DWI offenses. Minnesota Statutes Chapter 169A.63 sets out the types of offenses that qualify for vehicle forfeiture. Contrary to popular belief, your vehicle can be forfeited […]

Oh No… I Have Been Drinking and I Got Pulled Over!

Kevin Sieben Law, LLC presents a PowerPoint video outlining procedures to follow when stopped for a DWI arrest. The best advice is don't drink and drive.        

Minnesota DWI Record Holder

Most people enjoy being record holders, but this record is not one to brag about. Danny Bettcher holds the record for the most DWI’s in Minnesota; 27. A little over one month after Bettcher had been released from prison, he went to a bar and drank. Both conditions violate his parole and ultimately got him […]

Under 21 Drinking and Driving Laws

DUI’s are never a good thing but can be even worse for those under the age of 21. If you are under the age of 21 and are caught driving after drinking, you could be charged with two different types of offenses. If you are .07 or less, you most likely will be charged with […]