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Wrongfully Obtaining Public Assistance in Minnesota

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Welfare Fraud is Treated Harshly in Minnesota

Wrongfully Obtaining Public Assistance is a felony because it almost always involved the theft of $1,000 or more by the time it is discovered. A guilty plea or conviction can result in being sentenced to serve one year or more in prison and being fined thousands of dollars in addition to being required to repay the money that was received. If you receive public assistance and believe you are being investigated, do not speak to investigators. They are not your friend even though they may seem friendly and casually say they only want to “ask you a few questions.”

You have the right to remain silent and you have the absolute right to be represented by a welfare fraud attorney from Sieben Edmunds Miller during any questioning. Regardless of what an investigator might tell you, your silence cannot be used against you in any hearing or trial. But if you do talk, what you say can be brought up in court. Investigators are trained to know that the best evidence against you is you.

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